The world deserves to be
happier … and healthier.

For us, social impact means contributing to the enhancement of the community through positive support and action

Since 2009, Beneficial Blends has been a Fair-Trade Certified company.  But, it’s more than that. Advocating for and dedicating time to charitable and community outreach programs, contributes to the long-term success and growth of our local Tampa Bay, Fl area. From cereal drives for children, to helping feed the community through Feeding Tampa Bay, we are always there for our neighbors.

Start on the right foot with a company that cares about the community as much as it cares about your business.

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Social impact through Fair Trade.

The way we treat the farmers and growers we do business with is just as important to us, as it is to the consumers who enjoy our products; that’s why we pay premiums on most of the goods we buy overseas.  Premiums that go directly to Fair Trade projects like:

  • Computer labs in schools
  • New hospital buildings
  • Roads and bridges in rural communities
  • Crops for farmers to cross pollinate fields


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