Developing Your CBD Brand In 4 Easy Steps

Building a CBD brand can be a daunting task but following these steps will help ease that burden and get you closer to bringing your CBD brand to life! To begin, determine your customers and their needs. Focus on aligning your brand with your target customer. Next, choose a product and package that your customers will actually want to purchase. Then source your ingredients, making sure to have a full understanding of what they do and where they come from. Lastly, choose a manufacturer that is an expert in the industry. This will ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s a more in depth look at each step.


Determine Your Customer Needs

Did you know that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on their customers? Determining your customers and how they can benefit from your products is crucial to developing your brand. It’s important to align your customer needs with what you are selling. How do you want your brand to make your customers feel? What do you want your brand to embody? Think about these questions:

Does this give my customers a faster/better/more reliable solution?

Does this improve my customers lives?

Do my customers value this?

Is this relevant to my customers?

Asking yourself questions like these will help solidify what your customer is looking for and how you can provide it to them. Once you’ve determined your customer needs you can focus on the product and packaging.


Determine Your Product and Packaging

When it comes to CBD the possibilities for product and packaging are endless. You can opt for any of the largely adopted products like CBD oils, edibles, vapes, and concentrates; or you may go for something more unique like lotions or aromatherapy to make your brand stand out more. Whatever you choose make sure if aligns with your brand and its target customers. Packaging also plays a big role in your brand. Plastic or glass? Jars or bags? Choosing the right packaging goes back to filling your customer’s needs. Also make sure to use colors and images that resonate with your customers and represent your brand as a whole. There’s nothing worse than a brand who can’t nail down their voice.

Determine Your Ingredients

Choosing your ingredients is of the upmost importance for your CBD brand. You should take careful consideration into what ingredients you use, where they come from, and how they are made. Ingredients for a CBD brand could include: carrier oil, flavors, and add-ins. Make sure to choose each ingredient based on what your customer is looking for in a CBD brand, rather than what you personally would choose. This is where customization really comes into play! From fruity to minty flavors, and add-ins like vitamins or minerals, there is an opportunity to create a unique product for your brand. Always do your research and only choose ingredients from trusted sources and processes.

Select Your Manufacturer

Starting a CBD brand is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Select a manufacturer that is at the forefront of innovation, safety and quality. Certifications exist so business owners can make educated decisions when choosing a manufacturer. For example, Beneficial Blends, an oil manufacturing expert has 9 different certifications which range from recognition of their pristine facility (SQL Level III), to their USDA Organic, Kosher, and Vegetarian food certifications. They have been recognized for their supplier relations as well as industry innovation. Beneficial Blends recently formulated NanoLyte™, the first certified organic water-soluble CBD. Working with a trusted industry expert will put you way ahead of your competitors. Follow these steps to success and you’ll be running a CBD brand in no time!